"The FUTURE is CREATED by what you do TODAY, not tomorrow."   


what we do...

The Detroit/Downriver Chapter has established a close relationship with those in our communities. We feed, clothe and educate those in our neighborhoods; because we are well aware if an individuals basic needs are not met, how can they even think about engaging in their community. Through our Detroit/Downriver APRI Youth Chapter we educate, guide and nurture future community leaders. Our chapterโ€™s GOTV initiatives enhances community involvement by mobilizing, motivating and educating our citizens on issues which affect them politically, socially, economically and historically. 


"Salvation for a race, nation or class must come from within."

A. Philip Randolph | co-founder


Donations are always needed and appreciated...

Donations go towards our many community endeavors. Our Project R.O.C.K (Rebuilding Our Communities Kick-Off) Program is a program where we feed and clothe the community. Project R.O.C.K also assists children out of Foster care going into adulthood, ex-felons, domestic violence victims etc. with employment interview skills, attire and grooming needs for a job interview.

Funds are also utilized for GOTV, literature, gas, and refreshments for community education and development.